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Prohormones: Superdrol Cycle


Hey guys after having about 5 years training under my belt im very tempted to try a prohormone cycle namely superdrol. At the moment this is still in the planning stage so please dont get all bent out of shape if something is not right in my cycle as i am not intending to run this for another month or so (just soaking information up).

The Superdrol clone i intend to buy is called M-Drol by CEL, i've heard from multiple sources that this is one of the best sdrol clones out there!

For PCT i intend to use tamoxifen

Week 1: 10mg M-Drol a day taken ~an hour before training
Week 2-4: 20mg M-Drol a day, 10mg in the morning on empty stomach, 10mg 8 hours later before training

A lot of people take 30mg a day for week 3-4, will 20mg suffice or is 30mg a better option?

Week 5-6: Tamoxifen 40mg a day (does this dosage need to be split up through out the day?)
Week 7-8: Tamoxifen 20mg a day

Will also probably take something like milk thistle throughout the cycle as well.

Other supps i will be taking are whey, creatine, and powerdrive

Soo anything majorly wrong with this?

cheers guys!


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You should try out Superdrone LV.

On whether 20 or 30mg will suffice, it depends on how you react. Many people report great results with 20mg, others need 30mg. 30mg is the upper limit though.


Yeah seeing as its my first 'cycle' i expect 20mg to be enough, i can always up the dosage to 30mg in week 4 if i am not seeing any significant differences.

Does my PCT look ok?? would i be right in starting PCT as soon as my cycle finishes at the end of week 4?


I think it is Bill Roberts or BBB that says to split up the dosage throughout the day (saying it might not help but can not hurt).

Also, I recommend starting your Sdrol at 10mg a day for the first week, and upping it to 20 after the first week if you don't feel much. If you're over 200 lbs. go for 20mg off the bat.

Also, Superdrol isn't a prohormone, it's a designer steroid.


Well im 210lb so would it benefit me more to do 20/20/20/20 on the superdrol?

also can someone say if my PCT is ok? I've seen both 40/40/20/20 and 40/40/20/10 being recommended. (just to clarify this would be 40mg ED 1st week/ 40mg ED 2nd week/ 20mg ED 3rd week/ 20mg ED 4th week yes?)

Would my PCT start immediately when the Superdrol cycle ends ar 28 days?

SUPER EDIT: So i have finally found a reliable place to buy nolva, but other sources are urging me to use clomid aswell as nolva:

Nolva - 20/20/20/20
Clomid - 100/100/50/50

some people are also saying scrap the nolva and just use clomid...!? what do you guys think?


Come on guys nolva or clomid for PCT?


Both have their ups and downs. Nolva has less sides but some people think clomid helps control e better.



Clomid and nolva are very very similar, except nolva does not cause permenant vision distortions and horrible moodswings because it is run at a much lower dose and still effective for our purposes.

Clomid is obsolete.




thanks guys, glad you said nolva as i've just got hold of 1000mg of the stuff. I've heard that superdrol can sometimes cause gyno and taking a low dose of nolva mid cycle at the first sign of this can help, is this correct? are we talking like 20mg a day for a few days or what?


From what I've read estrogen isnt going to be the cause. Prolactin maybe.


is this all theory at the minute? any concrete references?


What you guys think would be a better nolva pct for a 20/20/20/20 cycle or M-Drol:

Nova 40/40/20/20 or 40/40/20/10?

Also the PCT would start the day after the M-drol cycle ends due to it having an 8-10 hour halflife right??


Superdrol can not aromatize, but may have some sort of progestin activity.
Very hard to say as few actual medical trials are done.

Either way nolva on cycle will not save you, any steroid can cause prolactin issues, including test.
Any androgen could cause prolactin issues theoretically.

But I am quite sure this is not the true issue:

Almost ALL users report "delayed gyno" or something similar, aka, gyno in the PCT
And since most guys use superdrol then use some OTC crap for a PCT, simple estrogen rebound fucks them.
They simply dont treat superdrol with the respect it deserves in terms of strength, and pay the price.

Fool proof method is to use nolva + letro in the PCT. I dont necessarily recommend someone attempt to do so, as letro is not easy to use and can be dangerous if used incorrectly...

But it is the 99% effective method.

Test boost and letro completely prevents gyno for obvious reasons.


Are you saying that all users of Superdrol report some sort of gyno, or all the users that report gyno report it as being delayed?

Also some guys on another forum have told me that for a Superdrol 20/20/20/20 cycle

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolva 20/20/20/20

Are both 100% required for PCT, opinons?


No he means either or, I would myself favor the more standard PCT of 40/40/20/20 with nolva.

20/20/20/ is theoretically just as effective, but it doesn't raise concentrations as fast, and nolva is cheap so why not run it in a little higher than is needed.

Almost all users reporting gyno report "delayed".


thanks for clearing that up westclock, you seem pretty knowledgable about this stuff!
The guy that recommended novla and clomid specifically said i neededto take BOTH, but most other things i've read say its either/or and nolva seems to be the best (although there are good arguments on both sides!)


Just to put this out there, I've seen a lot of people say that either Clomid worked for them and Nolva didnt or that Nolva worked and Clomid didn't. I would suggest having both on hand, just in case one doesn't work out. Not too expensive