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Prohormones: Other Than MAG-10

I recently purchased several of the following:

1-AD - Ergopharm

1-TU - Nutrex

Universal Animal Test

I was trying to find info on these products such as reviews on the internet or on this site but could not find anything other then MAG-10.

When I searched online, ll I found was old adds descirbing products etc… Im looking for peoples exerpeiances with these products.

Anyone here have any experiance or info?
Or a site that might help me find my answers?


Surely someone here has taken other brands of Andro?

I was reading your other thread on storing prohormones and I think the predominant attitude towards PH vs. real gear was stated there without too much delicacy. Soooo, you may have a tough time getting into a productive discussion on the steroid board if you want to talk about PH experience and feedback.

You could try the “Supplements and Nutrition” forum with the same questions, or instead of using the brand names in your google research use the chemical names of your PH to see what comes up.