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Prohormones Leading to Facial Asymmetries?


Hey guys - first post here- I’m normally a member of bb.com but since I can’t post this stuff there, I decided to make an account…

Anyway, this may be a bit of an odd question, but can taking numerous PH/DS cycles from the ages of 18-20 with improper PCT affect facial development? I.e. closing growth plates faster on one side of the face sooner than the other side?



I doubt you’ll find any information, and certainly no studies, that can really answer this question… It seems to me that it’s unlikely. But that being said, if it did happen, there would be nothing to do about it after the fact. Meaning, if you got an answer to this question it wouldn’t be helpful. You can assume it happened because of the PH’s, or you can assume it just happened through nature. Either way, you’re stuck with the facial asymmetries.


show us your gross face


Thanks man. Yeah I figured no one would have concrete info on this matter.

Honestly, my face isn’t even that asymmetric, and no one would notice unless with careful scrutiny.

I’m just a narcissistic bastard so I’ve always wondered if prohormones could have done it


i think you should google ‘assymmetric face’. nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face. So if it takes ‘careful scrutiny’ to notice, it’s pretty commonplace.