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Prohormones in the UK?

Does anyone know if prohormones like nor-diol are illegal in the UK? I’ll be moving there in a couple months and was thinking of taking my remaining few bottles with me. So I’m therefore wondering both if it’s legal to transport them there and also if it’s possible to buy them there. Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure there has been no legislation against posession of pro-hormones in the UK.

There was no problem ordering the MAG-10 Legacy and getting it through customs a few months back.


I’ve imported MAG-10, and bought it in the UK, both with no problems. It’s still available on some UK websites.



Cool, thanks guys.

You guys may be lucky, or may be unlucky

I ordered some MAG-10 (20 bottles in fact) and apprently they made it through customs, but now they are being sent back. Either that or customs are keeping them for a VERY long time (3 weeks)

It kinda pisses me of, since yes Mag-10 is available in UK websites, and is not illegal. In fact, if you go by the book, buying even steroids is not illegal for personal consumption.

I’m sure that, in real terms, buying this stuff over there is much more expensive, right? (Roughly the same amount of pounds as it would be dollars here in the US, only the pound is worth $1.90 – correct)? I’m contemplating sending an entire box full of Grow!, Surge, ZMA, etc. since I don’t know how costly it will be over there or how easy it will be to get.

Damici - The moderators will get upset with me if I discuss price info publicly (which is fair enough) so PM me for an email address, and I’ll discuss options and availability with you if you want.


Hi Lummox,

Thanks for the offer to assist. I just PM’d you.