Prohormones in the U.K

I keep hearing that prohormones will soon be band in the U.K and have noticed companies dropping thier prohormone range for sale in the U.K. If this is true can I order them from the U.S? what about you guys at Biotest, do you still export to the U.K??

Either way whats the deal with this shit I’m not over-thrilled about the prospect of cycling creatine and glutamine for the rest of my life!

Hi, I am a student from Singapore living in studying in the UK, and have also heard the rule that prohormones are going to be banned soon. Dun worry, coz’ in Singapore, where prohormones and ephedrine are banned, it’s still possible to get steroids and prohormones by ordering from the US shipped via fedex. Singapore is so much more stringent in it’s checks than the UK, so I seriously dun think it’ll be a problem for you to get prohormones in the UK even after it’s banned.