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Prohormones in ESPN Magazine


This month's mag has a feature on HGH importations from China. ESPN wanted to try to buy "illegal steroids" online to they contacted a supplement rep anonymously for advice. The rep suggested "Sostonol 250" by IDS Sports and "anEVOL" by Evolution Labs.

ESPN then drug tested them though Aegis Sciences (WWE tester). The supps came out NEGATIVE for 11 compounds. Then ESPN sent the supps over to Don Catlin, the Anti-Doping nazi. He said that Sostonol contained "Madol", a "powerful designer steroid" pioneered by Patrick Arnold of Balco, and also Oral Turinabol. anEVOL was found to contain the "prohibited synthetic steroid methasterone." ESPN then continues to trace the origin of the supp ingredients to China.

My question is, has anybody had experience with these supplements? Are they effective? Are they a sham? I understand that it's better just to go and get some real gear, but shit I saw these two aforementioned supplements online for cheap, and they came out negative on a standard test, so they may have some use.


Without any experience or knowledge of them I am just goona say bullshit, simply because its in ESPN the magazine. Not to say ESPN is more full of shit than any others, but all media outlets are completely ignorant about legit drug info. Fishing for storeies to sell mags. "originated in china", and so is half of walmarts merchandise!!!!!!


and Don Catlin is a prick.......


Sostonol is 3 methylated steroids - AKA murder on your liver.

I haven't heard much about anEVOL, but I'd recommend staying away from any OTC steroid.