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Prohormones in Between Cycles

Hi people
I was just wondering what people’s opinions are on using prohormones in between cycles. Is this a good idea or not? Is it better just to give your body a break completely?

Prohormones in between a cycle is called a cycle.

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Bad idea, AAS shut down natural testosterone production via negative feedback loop (shuts down LH and FSH as the body is all like “fuck, look at how much androgen we have, why would we even keep releasing LH and FSH” then intratesticular testosterone production is shut off with LH or FSH being pushed down to near undetectable levels. Now, using PH’s causes the same negative feedback loop (PH→active androgen) or (designer steroid=active androgen) so why would you bridge with it? Doesn’t make sense ya see. I don’t understand why people use PH’s either, if you’re going to use, you might just as well use the real thing, the only benefit from certain PH’s is the legal aspect (and all the good ones are banned in the US anyway). Most PH’s are designer, unresearched drugs, at least we have a decent idea on how (most) AAS impact the body, we can get a vague idea as to how these PH’s impact one’s body, but aside from comparing them to similar hormones and analysing the chemical structure +A/A ratio it’s a guessing game

@iron_yuppie how’s the epistane?

Thanks guys thought that might be the case I think I’ll give them a miss.

What about Ostarine between cycles? Considering that it’s a SARM vs a prohormone?

I had some lying around, and against my better judgement, ran it at low dose ( 15 mg ED) for the last four weeks of the 12 weeks I take completely off between test cycles.

No, selective androgen receptor modulators have been shown to cause marketed supressive of endogenous testosterone levels at doses far lower than what you’ve been using (clinical trial doses are typically around 1mg, sometimes more sometimes less) I can link some studies if you want.