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Prohormones in 2019?

Hi there everyone!
I just joined the community and I’m hoping to learn as much as I can on AAS and everything related to gear (be it SARMS, PCT, ETC …). I hope your experience can help me through my research and help make serious decisions on how to continue my life as a lifter. (keeping it natty for the moment)

So let’s dive in :slight_smile: ! I’ve been reading a bit about prohormones recently, not that I’m considering doing a cycle but I’ve been intrigued by these compounds. It seems that they are banned in many countries but are still legal in the UK.

Anyways, I didn’t find any recent topics on the subject, is it because they’re overrated or the risk to reward ratio isn’t worth it given that it seems that they will cause pretty much the same side effects as AAS but for less gains in return and so most bodybuilders have put them aside?

Thanks in advance for all your inputs on this subject and I hope I’m not repeating a thread ^^

Cheers !

Depends on how we’re defining these drugs. Most prohormones are in fact just that; they require conversion in order to be the thing that you want. For that class of drugs most veterans will tell you to stay away. The risk/reward isn’t worth it.

Now, for the other drugs out there that are labeled as prohormones but are actually designer steroids, it’s a different ballgame.

These drugs would include epistane, superdrol, methylstenbolone, et al. Each of these are varying degrees of useful, but the risks are a little more unpredictable. Epistane hs probably the best track record of successful gains with a lower rate of nasty side effects. Superdrol goes the opposite direction. Sides are crazy with that one, though guys add huge numbers to compound lifts while on it.

What you need to answer before using anything is “why am I using Compound X?”. While steroids in general will add muscle, the purpose of each drug can be very different, so you have to identify your goals before you can go about to experimenting. If someone had the goal of simply getting bigger then they’d use one thing vs another. The same is true of designer steroids and prohormones.

Ultimately the prohormone exists for guys who want most of the risk of actual steroids, fewer benefits, but are afraid of injecting themselves with something. They have their place, though I personally don’t believe they belong anywhere near human body. But we all get why they sell them and that’s a particularly good business model.

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What makes me have an affinity towards compounds like superdrol (despite having never used and likely will.never use) is the low dose required for gains. There’s some mental comfort in knowing “I’m getting insane gains on 100mg test/wk and 70mg superdrol/wk”… Fuck that’s only 170mg/wk (200mg med ester equiv), however not all AAS are the same mg/mg, but the illusion of a lower dose would give me the sense of comfort.

I hear these strong orals give terrible heartburn, anyone know the mechanism behind that? A couple weeks ago I was in pain (chronic joint pain) and had the worst heartburn I’d ever had in my life, I ended up throwing up from it!! Then I felt better yeet.

The theory is that the heartburn is from the liver toxicity. I don’t have any reason to believe or disbelieve that, and I’ve never investigated.

Thanks for your answer iron_yuppie! On the point you made about the guys taking prohormones but are afraid to inject something, wouldn’t that be even more riskier since prohormones are equally as suppressive as AAS and thereby injecting test during the cycle is a must?

I’ve heard sides are insane with Superdrol, though it seems you get insane and keepable gains as well. Don’t know how you would cope with the sides even with the illusion of a lower dose though

never used it and never will, side effects are individualistic in nature basing off of genetic reaction to drugs and health status. The universal side effects of methyldrostanolone are/will be

  • some degree of liver and kidney strain
  • acquiring the lipid profile of a 50 y/o morbidly obese type 2 diabetic who smokes two packs a day and drinks a keg/day