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Prohormones for Injuries?

Approximately 6 or 7 weeks ago I injured the tendons in my forearm and shoulder while doing jiu jitsu. Someone had this bad boy on me (http://bjj.org/techniques/jen/tech9/15-3.jpg) I didn’t feel any pain until my elbow popped out of joint real quick at which point I stopped resisting so much and my shoulder got torqued real good as well.

Anyway, I’ve been taking it light with lifting and really restricting my workouts to movements which do not stress those tendons much and have also all but stopped bjj for the time being. I have also gone to a doctor about it and recently started physical therapy. I am doing lots of low intensity high volume work for my forearm/shoulder (multiple sets of exercises in the 50 rep range).

Things have been progressing slowly and I was wondering if taking some of my 4AD-EC or MAG-10 would help heal up my tendons quicker. I did some searching on the site and an old article saying that therapuetic doses of steroids can help repair tendon injuries, but that GH works optimally to do so. Being as I can’t get my hands on any GH, would taking a “therapuetic” (maybe half) doses of either of my prohormones help? I only have a bit of 4AD-EC left and two bottles of legacy formula so I want to use it sparingly, but this injury is driving me insane! Bjj and lifting are what keep me going and I want to recover as fast as possible!

Any knowledge on the matter is much appreciated.

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So no one has any knowledge on this subject?