Prohormones Effect on Later Use of Steroids

Pretty simple I am 21 and considering using prohormones. I have been lifting since I was 14 but took about a year and half break from 18-19 and half…I was a football player and o lineman and pretty heavy so since my getting bacj into lifting more then a year ago I have been mostly focused on losing fat…I went from bout 275 to now 225 and im currently at aboiut 15% bf…Feel like I have been stuck for about 3 months now though. I am thinkng of using a pro hormone as stated above. First is this smart at 21? A lot of places say 21 is ok. Second if I do use them will they effect me when I do decide to start a steroid cycle later in life like probably in 3 years.
Also open to any other advice. Thanks in advance!!

I would personally stay away from pro hormones. Just look more into dieting and Supplements that can help. Pro hormones are steroids. They are just designer steroids and worse for you than inject able steroids because they are tough on your liver because they are all oral. Plus getting the right post cycle therapy for them from normal supplements shops are going to be impossible with all the new bands on anti estrogen’s.