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Prohormones at the Post Office


I ordered some Cynostane through a company based out of the UK. I got a card on my door today from the post office saying they have the package and it needs to be signed for. Should I be worried for any reason? I've heard horror stories about guys buying steroids through the mail and going to the post office to pick them up and getting arrested. I know prohormones aren't steroids (not exactly anyway), but the lines of legality on prohormones seems blurry.


If the amount is relevant, it's a single bottle. Not like a mass quantity that would indicate I was going to turn around and sell. Don't know if that even matters.



You are going to jail, going to get raped by your 350lb cell mate, and might get shanked if you look at a gang member wrong...

Or, it could just require a signature to release the package


Also, in the US, the lines are not blurry, PHs are as illegal as AAS...


All international mail has to be signed for. Done it several times no problems.
Besides they want to catch at your home so they can search that too.


100% false.


I've gotten several packages sent to me internationally and never had to sign for any of it


no redelivery option??


You'll be fine. If customs caught it they would have confiscated it and sent you a letter. They aren't going to plan a sting operation for your measly bottle of PH lol.


Uh-oh ...
OP... you are fucked... this is proof. There is a sting. You are going to prison for the rest of your natural life. lmao




They don't always send a letter, son. They have better shit to do. In fact, I'd say you're lucky if you get a letter so you at least know what happened.


Good to go, the customs sticker on the box actually declared the items as cosmetics. So apparently you can still get that stuff here as long as you're willing to bite the bullet on overseas shipping.



Well in most cases old PHs say "Dietary Supplement" on them, even though they are far from that... so most idiots will look at that and be like "yep good to go" and send it through.


Registered mail requires a signature in the US...


PH are legal in the UK. Hell even AAS are legal to a certain extent.

You had a recorded delivery parcel and you weren't there to sign for it so they store it at the post office for you to come and pick it up. It's very standard.



Well steroids are a class 3 controlled substance, same as heroin, coke, or crack. A lot of people order them and have them shipped, and if customs or the post office finds them they will allert the authorities.


^^^^ why the f did you reply to this thread 4 years later…


[quote]Highjumper wrote:
^^^^ why the f did you reply to this thread 4 years later…[/quote]

Because he is not the sharpest crayon in the cookie jar.