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Prohormones at 19?!


Alright well i already have them. I have msten extreme mass builder, liver support, and a pct. Im wondering did any of you ever take a prohormone at my age? If so what gains did you get? What were the side effects you experienced? How did you dose? This will be my first cycle and im in the middle of bulking as well. I dont wanna waste my money so i have to take them. What times of the day did you take them? Should i take a test booster with my pct aswell? The only thing that scares me is some people; mainly the ones who never took ph's or gear is that my test wont go back to normal? I just want to run one cycle for 4 weeks and then another cycle when im around 23-25 years old.

Like i said i dont wanna waste my money..also i've heard pro bodybuilders like ronnie, jay, and arnold experimented with them when thy were around my age. I wanna be the best i wanna be mr. olympia


If you must run something, run real steroids.


It turns into a steroid when your liver breaks it down. But you can only take it for 4 weeks cause it hurts the liver to much. Where as steroids can be taken longer because they go directly into blood when injected. Plus they are illegal i have no way getting them. Now can you help answer my initial question about taking them at 19? Also another question, should i take a test booster to increase natural test a little bit then take th ph or save the test booster for after? I have everything


ok.. first thing Op, forget everything you "know", because you don't know anything.

second.. if this is a life you are wanting to commit to forever, then there is nothing wrong with starting at your age.. however I doubt you are ready to make a lifelong decision at your age.. you are going to need to get very comfortable around needles.

you will need to do illegal drugs eventually, nolvadex/clomid/tormifene are all illegal to use.. so good luck staying within the law.


Yes this is the lifestyle i want. Since i was 15 i always dreamed of becoming Mr. Olympia. It is still my dream. The first time i stepped into the gym i knew i wanted to become a bodybuilder. I practice poses every single day. I train hard and im always making progress. If you ever cycled before, can you help me or give me advice on cycleing this ph? And yes in the future i plan on taking real gear. To be the best you gotta do anything to have the edge. I've done reserch for about 6 months now


you don't know what you are talking about kiddo.. unless you are born into wealth and only want to do this for fun.. you don't want to be a professional bodybuilder, it is not a way to make money.

there are 400 or so IFBB pros, and very few of those are able to make money through bodybuilding.. so they do things that are morally and ethically questionable to finance their drug usage. It is a very unrewarding lifestyle and it is extremely bad for your health..they are on a slew of medications to keep their health somewhat decent, and have regular trips to the doctor (I read jay goes once a week or every other week).

Most of them are completely piss broke and live in tiny apartments.. only the best of the best make it, and the rest fade into oblivion.

you are 19 and wanting to know about your first ph cycle? the top pros have already been on for over a year at your age.. you are already light years behind where you need to be.

there is no edge in bodybuilding.. everyone is on everything as far as they can afford. IFBB bodybuilding is the one sport where it's impossible to cheat..

having said that.. you will need nolvadex or clomid for pct, 20mg ED of methylstenbolone should be quite potent.. though I would suggest running real gear but you seem to be opposed to that at this point.

pct nolva 40/40/20/20
or clomid 100/100/50/50

if you have really been researching for 6 months.. you should know all of this and more already..


Wanna be Mr.O ? I want to go on the moon, and my dream is more achievable than yours my man. Anyway, good luck buddy.


I don't condone the use of anabolics by anyone under the age of 21, but you're not my kid so.... If you really want to be a pro you might as well do like the pros do. Not exactly like they do right now of course. I've cycled ph's before. They work. You'll get stronger and bigger. But you're ability to maintain those gains might not be what you think. Steroids have been studied more and the long term effects are better know.

Ph companies continually come up with different compounds to skit the law. Little regard is given to safety or long term effects, mostly because they don't know what the negative effects are yet. So if you're serious then ditch the ph's and get some real aas.

My real advise is to work hard natural for a while. If you crush it naturally you'll kill it on steroids. Knowing how to bulk and cut and retain mass etc naturally will only be amplified on the right drugs. I'm sure you know they're not a quick fix and they're not the only reason someone becomes mr Olympia.


Alright, i'll take your advice and do it natural til i hit my limit. Im just pissed i wasted money on a cycle im not even gonna take now. I been lifting 2 years. 6 months seriously with strict diet. Gained 30 lbs and am still pretty lean about 8-10% bf. Also i talked to the ph representative he said he doesnt reccomend it at my age. He said if anything the only thing i should take is a test booster.

Also i dont have a money problem really; i live with my parents and make have a job making $15.25 an hour. The only thing i spend my money on is food and protein. I dont drink or smoke or anything. And i promise you that one day i will be Mr.O dont doubt me cause i love proving people wrong and people who say i cant only motivate me more and more


please post a pic of your current physique.


I really hope this is a troll..


OP, you have come in here, made bold claims, been rude and insulting to veteran members, been wrong over and over again. All of this in only 4 posts. Congratulations on being a complete idiot. You likely won't find anymore help here.


I dont know guys, all of this talk is actually restoring my libido.


Shut your fucking mouth! You are talking to a future Mr Olympia! Show some respect mang! o.0


Well, you know, some of just don't know when to shut our mouths and listen. I guess maybe I'll learn sometime.


Your 15 dollar an hour job is gonna be shit when you grow up and move out of mommy and daddy's, so saying you don't have a money problem is stupid your only 19, just wait till your a little older


I lol'ed.

And for the record, I would never make fun of anyone for their income level, everyone is different. But I'm perfectly willing to laugh at someone who thinks this is sufficient income to become an IFBB pro, or in OP's case, Mr Olympia himself. This kid is wayyyyyyyy delusional.


Agreed, I make more than that and I am still broke and I am nowhere near a pro.


x2 lol


and to the OP.. prohormones are junk, plain and simple. I've done both PH and the real thing, and if you're not ready to pin yourself, then you're not ready period.