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Prohormones and quality

Okay guys, I have a question.

I have two bottles of prohormones here in front of me and I was wondering what you can tell me about their effectiveness and quality.

1. American Sports Nutrition 2. One bottle is 19-nor androstenedione 100 mg 3. the other bottle is 4-androstene 3, 17-dione

Are these "effective" hormones and if not, can they be if they are combined ? Are these the same kind of hormones found in the new Nandrosol spray except in capsule form ?

I currently use the Tribex, Androsol, ZMA, Methoxy 7 and I am 44 years old. Do you think this will add any to my program and if it does, do you think it will produce unwanted side effects ? Let me know.


Neither androstendione or 19-nor-dione are worth a crap. The -iols are at least 3 times more effecient in the body. Plus androstendione is a estrogenic mistake when taken into the body. If you want to take prohormones, take 4-androstendiol(androsol) or 19-nor-androstendiol(nandrosol).

Not to be too negative but you should all know by now that the DIONES are useless. Unless you want to jack your estrogen levels way up anyway. Androsol and the new Nandrosol are DIOLS which are effective. Sell back your DIONES and get some DIOLS.

Be prepared to take at least 2 grams of oral prohormones per day to be effective (IMHO) and more would be better. I am not going to comment if this is safe or not but it should be something that you consider for yourself.

I disagree that the diones are completely worthless. If you take a small amount of androstene dione prior to working out, you should feel it (much more than with the diol). Also I believe that if you plan to workout in the bedroom a small amount works better also.

As far as diones converting to estrogen- beware! At 44 (I'm 41) you convert more test and natually occuring andro to estrogen anyway. Plus if your carrying a little (or alot) of fat it makes the problem worse.

I wouldn’t use them. Dion’s have low conversion rates to T and nandrolone. Stick with VPX’s or Biotest’s prohoromones, they are the highest quality.