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Prohormones and Prosteroids

I’m wondering if anyone can give some advice concerning these supplements. I’ve taken 1-tu before once, and am pleased with the results. But with the ban coming up shortly I’m considering buying a few bottles. Has anyone ever tried oxavar or 1-tu (nutrex) before. Or what other brands can you recommend? I’m not looking to add ‘bulk’, just trying to gain as much speed, strength, and power as possible. Also if you can add what kind of side effects anyone has inherited using these or if/what kind of anti-estrogen supplement would be the best. Thanks!

I have used both Nutrex 1-TU & Biotest MAG-10 (original & Legacy). Both products have worked very well for me. The only advantage Nutrex has, is in the cost and dosage(half the pills to swallow vs MAG-10). Having said that, I am currently cycling MAG-10 Legacy…truely awsome product! If you can get your hands on Legacy, BUY IT! If not, I would choose Nutrex’s 1-tu. Purely from a cost perspective & the product gave me the same results. During my off cycle I use Biotest’s M & TRIBEX.
This seems to be a winning combo for me.