Prohormones and Birth Defects?

It seems everytime I am looking for a prohormone they all say it contains ingredients known to the the state of California to cause birth defects. Is this anything that one should worry about? What chemicls does it contain that cause this and why is it only in the state of California? Is there much validity to this statement?

hormonal agents + women = birth defects

unless your a woman its not a problem, if you are then you have to be VERY careful with what and how much you take to avoid permanent emasculating side effects.

CA has passed a law that requires labeling of a lot of things that are probably not harmful, in reasonable doses. I don’t know what ingredients are responsible for this label, or if they could cause birth defects if you were to be pregnant or give birth while on the prohormone :wink: . It’s an interesting example of a state trying to regulate things more stringently than the federal government requires.

Birth defects! Most females I know are born with brain defects. I’m sure it starts at birth, possibly puberty. But this isn’t caused by any prohormone that I know of. I’d suspect that maybe lacking a Y chromosome will cause this. It could possibly be caused by being born with the inferior hormone “Estrogen” as well.

(kidding!) :smiley:

What doesn’t cause birth defects and/or cancer by the state of california. lol My anatomy teacher told me that the majority of us will die from one of the following: car crash, heart disease, cancer. I’m thinking of choosing car crash, but who knows maybe a combo? lol

Sorry I’m not of much help, just finished legs a bit ago and my brain is tired as well as my body.


I think even the ladies can agree that Test is waaaay better than E.

Lets be honest, from a purely medical standpoint it is a superior health agent.

Not to mention its a hell of a ride, its too bad yall cant try this stuff.