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ProHormones-All You Need to Know


This is an excellent thread! Good idea, Makavali!

I can't get the real stuff and will be looking here more. Thanks!


well buddy would you like to give me those unopened bottles you dont plan on using.

p.s. my birthday is tomorrow lol


No they don't and no you didn't, GNC doesn't sell anything that isn't DHSEA compliant.


Updated to include stuff from the second post!


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'nother bump in the vain hope of a sticky. Also, if anyone has any Q's about pro-hormones, feel free to ask.


bump because mak needs a sticky, and there (hopefully) would be less one post wonder threads about teh new decawinanadrololone.


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My first sticky! (As in thread, not weed)

But yeah, direct PH questions here.


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so what if im a new guy to the game and just read your sticky and you have me all pumped up maybe i can try and put on some mass legally! but wait you only tell me two examples? wheres a list which ones are best and why? where can i find these? etc...


What I dislike MOST about PH is the FALSE sense of security consumers have, and the advertisement is certainly to blame.

Superdrol, when it came out, was basically promoted as safe, no side effetcs and blabla.

Now we can read on many forums about high blood pressure, delayed gyno and all that nasty shit, but when I took it there was no such info. The makers of these products outright lie to sell their stuff.

After 6 days I stopped taking Superdrol. I felt like a walking heart attack! I've never had high blood pressure before, and I've never had since then. Hey I gained 5 pounds in those 6 days! But bottomline, I really think most of them work poorly, and with many of them you'll get more side effects than from roids! Maybe there is an execption but I wouldnt try it!

I've got to say Mag10 was amazing. But ever wonder why only 2 week cycles were recommanded? Most roids wont be harsh after 2 weeks either...


There's quite a few under 'Pro-hormone Classification' (kudos to iannotti for that) but yeah, I only know of a few products. If you wanna post names and Class, I'll gladly add them to the list.

I'm a bit wary about posting where to get them.


Well, I've tried to be impartial, and I've stated a couple times that AAS would be the ideal way to go.


Hey Guys,

i dont post here much but i was wondering if you could answer some noob questions for me...

I have done 2 cycles of LG Methyl-1D while i could get it into australia. Gave me a few very hard pounds and a limp dick. Currently i am on a cycle of EST Methyl-E with EST Propadrol, feel free to critique me (i basically order whatever PH compound is hyped on forums and not yet banned by our aussie customs who are nazi's).

  • How much size should i really be expecting to keep from a cycle?

  • I have this thing with my liver called Gilbert's sydrome where my liver doesnt produce enough billirubin sometimes. Obviously I should be cautious using methylated PHs, is there something i should watch out for besides Jaundice?

*Has anyone else noticed that in the first 2 or 3 days of a cycle you feel like a freaking God in the gym and gain so damn quickly compared to the rest of the cycle where its a little more steady? Is this because the combined testosterone is alot higher since you arent shutdown yet?

*For PCT i have just been using 6-oxo and tribulus. Any other suggestions, keeping in mind that most good stuff isnt allowed through our customs? Is Gaspari Novadex XT worth buying?

A few things i have noticed whist on PH's:

-sometimes at the gym, while im lifting my head feels like there is so much pressure that im going to burst a vein in my forehead.
-difficulty urinating
-pimples and lumps on shoulders and back, pretty standard.
-insane amounts of semen.


A bit of an unknown with pro-hormones I'd think. That's why AAS would be better. BUT, I've heard of people doing runs of Epistane and keeping most if not all gains. I'm not familiar with the compounds you've listed so... yeah. Although from what I've heard, Methyl 1-D was meant to be a test booster, not a PH.

IMO you might want to avoid all methylated PH/AAS compounds. There are a few non-methlyated PH's available - look into those perhaps?

If you can't get Tamoxifen (NoLvadex) or similar then I would probably stay away from hormone altering products like pro-hormones and AAS. From what I've heard, Novadex is useless.


Thanks Makavali.

I think Methyl-1D worked differently to a test booster because it shut me down. My balls were reduced to the size of watermelons.. it was a real shame. EST Methyl E is meant to be Epistane according to the limited online info. Im finding the use of Methyl E and propadrol provides results that are reminiscent of the time i was on dbol. Maybe 65% of the potency.

Im not fearful of using liver toxic PH/AAS and never suffered any Ill affects. In saying that i have never actually had my blood checked because my doctor is a pencil neck who will just lecture me.

Tamoxifen, ill check it out. Hopefully i can get it.




game_over: there actually is a really, really good list over on (gulp) bb.com. some guy named jonesy made it. i'll try to find it.

EDIT: forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=6422211