Prohormones 101

I’ve never had prohormones explained to me in a basic manner. I understand the effects of testosterone and estrogen, and their production (mostly thanks to T-mag articles), but I just don’t understand the basic biology of prohormones. Do the testes produce 4-AD, or is it synthetic? Does test degenerate into different prohormones? I am in dire need of a basic understanding.

There is more 4-AD in the blood then there
is testosterone, but whether this is
principally the result of testosterone delivered by the testes being converted outside the body to 4-AD, or due to the testes delivering large amounts of 4-AD, isn’t known to me.

Testosterone and 4-AD interconvert, as do testosterone and androstenedione.

Bill, is there any chance of an updated article or post that would cover all the different variations that everyone is coming up with?

And what about ever getting the nor’s into reasonable price range (like creatine) or getting a legit ether/ester to up efficiency?

I’d be glad to answer any specific questions
with posts, but a new article on the subject is unlikely. Spending a great deal of space
talking about things that most readers hadn’t heard about and which are not the way to go, but still sound similar, tends to lead to confusion more than anything else.

But a quick summary would be: 4-AD and nor-4-AD have intrinsic activity and are recommendable. None of the diones have intrinsic activity and none of them I think are recommendable. None of the 5 compounds are recommendable (at least not for anabolic purposes.) Of the 1 compounds, there’s no point in going the diol route, one might as well use the active compound, androst-1-ene (also incorrectly called “1-testosterone” by some though it is not a testosterone), since it is legal. That’s not to say the 1-diol is of no value, just not as much. Unlike the 4-ene diols, the 1-ene diol, from the data, seems not to have much if any intrinsic activity.

I don’t understand why androst-1-ene is legal as supplement. If it is intrinsically anabolic and doesn’t have to convert to anything to be active, isn’t it just an “anabolic steroid?” What makes it legal?