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Prohormone Timing

I seem to recall that taking prohormones, and presumably other orals in moderate doasges will ead to less supression of engogeneous test if taken in the mornign hours, say before 4 or 5 pm. This is assuming, of course it is an oral substance with a short half life, and not one of the few orals that allows for a long avalability.

Does this sound correct?

Sort of.

It really depends on the substance, if we’re talking pro-hormones let’s look at:


This puppy will pretty much shut you down in 3-5 days regardless of when you take it, how much etc etc. It’s very suppresive.


This stuff is pretty mild a after a two week cycle you won’t have a lot of suppression at all (I had blood work done).

So I think you’ll find it’s very substance dependant.


I was actually specifically thinking of M1T. I am thinking about rereading some of the S files and what Batcheledor wrote about strength athletes’ brief use of orals. I would like to be able to use the last bit I have to help cut down, but I don;t really want any suppression.

My diet right now is pretty much Anabloc diet with the inclusion of surge PWO on lifting days. So could I use M1T on the weekends on my binge days? Would there be any benefit to the partitioning effect? What to do!