Prohormone Suggestions?

I’m 41 and have been lifting for a long time. I’m currently 5’8 and 190. I’m thinking about trying my first run of prohormones. My goal is to add some size and to lean out. I typically do a 5x5 routine on M, W, F followed by 20 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster or treadmill. Tue, Thur, and Sat, I run 3-6 miles. Currently taking the following supps:
• 100mg DHEA daily
• 50mg VMI Sports Arimistane
• Orange Triad Multivitamin
• Kaged Muscle CC-HCI
• Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged

I want to kick it up a notch and have been considering trying a 4-8 week run of one of the few remaining prohormones available. My goal is to add lean out and add a little muscle. What do people recommend for a 1st time run?

I wouldn’t to be completely honest, either go fully to the dark side or don’t do it at all.


I second. Prohormones have all the sides of gear and almost none of the benefits. The ones that work are not actually prohormones (Superdrol, Halodrol, et al) and they’re usually illegal in the US. You’re 41. Prohormones will suppress your testosterone and you’ll have to run a full pct anyway. Might as well go all the way.


I recommend Testosterone.


While DHEA–>T happens inside the testes, the process is not spontaneous and taking lots of DHEA will not increase T levels. Some guys have oral DHEA drive a lot of DHEA–>E2 in their adrenals and that then would have E2 suppressing LH/FSH and T levels. Take 25mg only. To test DHEA status, test DHEA-S, do not test DHEA directly.

Thyroid status is often overlooked. If you are not getting iodine from iodized salt and/or vitamins you are not going to have the results that you seek. Thyroid also has a great influence on body fat or ability to gain/loose fat.

Get labs for:
TSH [should be nearer to 1.0, ignore the official ranges]

You can order your own labs in USA via WWW in most States.

Some prohormones completely wreck some guys’ HPTA’s in a manner that seems to be epigenetic, which means permanent changes in gene expression. Ditto for some guys with oral 5-alpha reductase inhibitors for hair loss.

If you get fucked up, join the walking wounded in the TRT forum.[that was evil, I must be having a bad day].

If your body is really running great, don’t mess that up!

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Thanks for the input everyone. It does seem not worth the risk/reward. Looks like it’s either all in or nothing…probably going to keep it Natty for now. Thanks again, this site is such a great resource.