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Prohormone Stacks

There are several new Pro-hormones out that I have seen and I have unfortunatly become intrested in prohormones late in the game.

I need advice for a prohormone stack for my training goals, thank you.

This post is going to be long because I’m going to give a little info on my training background, where Im at now and what I wish to accomplish… Thank you for your time, this is important to me because in about 9 months I plan on competing in a no rules tournement. (If I feel ready)

Ive been working out on and off since I was 16 years old… doing a combination of cardio and wieght training, combined with kickboxing and some brazilian jiujitsu. For the past 7 months I have done 0 training, and eating relitivly unhealthy, working nights at a hospital. For the past 4 years while in school I havent been able to train as hard as I did while younger, because school took 100% of my time. A month ago I finished orientation and now work weekends only, friday and saterday night. This gives me sunday evening to friday afternoon all for training.

When I got off orientation I stepped on the scale and was at 226 at 15% bodyfat. I am 6’0, 29 years old. I started slowly training, eating a diet where I balance my carb and protien intake around my workouts and getting back into an intense routine no supliments except 1 tab of stacker 3 with chitosin (post ephidrine ban) before I workout and in the morning.

Now a month later Im at 218, and close to 8.5-9% depending on caliper mesurement of bodyfat. My workouts are increasing in intensity. most my workouts revolve around the typical 3 sets of 8-10, 3-4 workouts per muscle group. (except bicepts and tricept… I do 1 maybe 2 workouts for those) example is bench… last bench was 3 sets of 10 at 235. Deadlifts was 3 sets of 10 at 275. After I do my wieght training I jog 12 miles home outside, or train for my sport depending on the day. (started off walking half the time, now Im jogging a fast clip non stop).

On days I do my sport I lift in the morning on these 3 days. my sport is in the evenings.

Tuesday, thursday, sunday I alternate weekly… one week I jog 12 miles, next week I sprint 6 200 yard dashes. I hit the wieghts imediatly prior to this.

I do no wieghts friday or saterday.

My goal is to continue to gain muscle mass while keeping my endurance and burst strength. I want to start to increase some of my carb and protien intake so that I can get back to 225, but have it be lean. In a fight, extra weight is not helpful. I would like a prohormone cycle to help boost my strength and endurance and muscle gain without watergain, or fat gain. I want to keep my physic.

I am not interested in steroids because A) I have no clue where to obtain them, and get ripped off by someone selling me junk and B) I dont want to go to jail trying to obtain them.

A freind of mine has a large amount of 4-ad from prior to the ban and he is going to give them to me. I was thinking of stacking that with superdrol or 4-ad stacked with Carbolin 19. either seems promising. I plan on taking Nitro GH at night, continuing my diet, and using oxo-6 when I cycle off whichever prohormone stack I use… Which of these 2 stacks would fit my goals, or is thier something else out thier for prohormone that I do not know about that would work.

Thank you for your time and effort in reading this post and assisting me.


The Machine.