Prohormone Results

Has anybody tried SUS500 or Furazadrol.

There are problems with orals. Perhaps the biggest issue is that orals are a short cut. Learn nothing and buy pills. Any reading about injected gear will expose one to the the reasons for PCT and what can go wrong.

Hell, before the PH ban, I saw 4AD in a display case in an in-house pharmacy in a grocery store. That way one could avoid learning anything.

Some have ended up with serous damage to their hormone system. I have been contacted by younger guys who have done PHs who have the hormone profiles of fat 70 year old men.

If this does not apply to you, there will be readers who need read things like this.

If there are PHs that are safe [as in not damaging anyone], I have no knowledge of that; not something that I study.

Post age, weight, height and lifting experience. Until then, you’re not going to get serious answers.

And write more than one sentence if you’re going to start a thread.

And a question is usually followed by a question mark (“?”) rather than a full-stop/period (“.”)

Furazadrol sucks. The best pro-steroid on the market is omnevol [formerly sustevol]. My buddy [and workout partner] and I took it at the same time. I gained about 9lbs and put about 20-30lbs on everything major. My buddy’s results were nuts. At the start of his “cycle” he was benching 275 for 3. By his 3rd week he did 275 for 8 [not to failure] then did 295x3, then 315x3 then finished with 225x15. That’s not a typo and is completely true. I will say by his 4th week he was getting pretty bad headaches.

He also went from 196lbs to 213lbs. A month or so after cycle he leveled off at 208 and could still bench 315 for 3. I didn’t get near rhe strength or size gains he did, but I was still impressed with my results. We both were nonstop hungry and thirsty, aggression was definitely higher and the lower back pumps were damn near unbearable. We both bought some online for when it got/gets banned [he bought 4 packs, I got 6].