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Prohormone/ Peptide Cycle

Just got a simple one for you. I was wondering if you can cycle a PH like H-Drol (+cycle support and PCT) while using GHRP-6. I’m using the GHRP-6 for it’s health support (the slight gains and leanness are nice too) but looking to throw a PH cycle into the bunch as I just got my hands on some off a friend and am interested in the (extra) strength/ size gains. Right now i’m running GHRP-6 4x100mcg per day and was told to do this for 4-6 months at a time (It’s been a month so far).

My planned cycle would be as follows:
-Mild cycle PH for 4 weeks+ cycle support w/ GHRP-6

  • PTC 4 weeks w/GHRP-6
    -Either natural 4 weeks or if it’s all good continue GHRP-6.
    Any help is much appreciated,