Prohormone PCT vs. AAS PCT

I have been reading a lot of forum discussions regarding prohormone use. They definitely seem to be grey market and the side effects claimed vary from minimal to scary. With this in mind, can anyone shed light on what should be used for PCT after prohormone use? Does it differ from PCT after AAS use?

nobody can speak with much authority on the subject because there is no research on the prohormones. imo you should stay away from them.

most do raise test along with estrogen… don’t waste time with that crap…unless you would like a great pair of tits…

Thanks for the responses. Just out of curiosity…how’d you feel about MAG-10?

Ive never tried MAG-10, but from everything ive read its seems to be one of the better ones. Stay a long ways away from m1ts or anything that resembles them.
In my opinion why touch something like that instead of just using real gear.

most people seem to agree that prohormones = less results with more sides than AAS

MAG-10 and 4-AD were good pro steroids IMO. I used them with very good results. I first used TRIBEX and then Alpha Male for PCT and would still recommend those if someone were doing pro hormone/steroid cycles.