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Prohormone Nutrition ?

I have been cutting for some time with great results basically using Berardi’s eating methods and T-Dawg 2.0. I am a FFB but I am down to 205 lbs @ 5"10 and <14% BF.

I will be taking a prohormone in the near future and I understand that I need to increase clean calories as I am in a caloric deficit but need to increase slowly at about 250 calories per week. But as I having been taking basically 200 grams of carbs on training days (all PWO) and about 50 on non training days, how can I up this as I will need to alter my macros while on the prohormone.

Currently my fat intake and protein are consistent on a daily basis regardless of training and around 80 grams and 285 respectively.

Could someone with experience here offer some thoughts on ideal macros base on my size and looking to gain mass while on a prohormone.

Also, I will be training an nights during the week and morning on weekends but when would be the best time to consumer the necessary “healthy fats” and do I need to lower my fat intake during prohormone cycles?

I am very strict with my P+C & P+F meal combos and do not intend on changing this pattern.

Thanks in advance for input here.

Didn’t they ban prohormones, starting this year, 2005? I’m pretty sure they did.

Raider Fan…my advice…go to special Editions (mod if you could provide a link) and read the Growth Surge Project…that’ll give you the nutritioanl guidelines. As far as workouts the Growth Surge is great…as is Chad’s Quattro Dynamo

Moderator’s note: Here’s the link to Growth Surge Parts 1 & 2: