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Prohormone Help?

Hey guys little help. I am really wanting to jump on a prohormone. I know the risks and the possible rewards. Just really needed advice on which are best being that many have been banned in 2014. Thanks

Can’t you just run gear? PH’s are typically unresearched designer steroids (no human clinical testing)… they’re c17AA in nature (rather toxic), I’d garner 3/4ths of the time they’re more dangerous than gear

I really wish I could unreal24278 just difficult to find for me and hard to trust it

I have ran gear in the past but that was when I lived in NY

Preferably you wouldn’t take anything… But if you HAD to, anabolic steroids (commercially available ) are at the very least rigorously trialled (barring vet grade AAS) in relation to human consumption, some even within high dosages

Prohormones/designer steroids have no such research. They’re typically harsh c17AA compounds, many reports of acute renal/hepatic failure after as little as a few weeks on methasterone, desoxymerhyltestosterone etc exist…

You can use them if you want, but it’s more of a gamble pertaining to an activity that is already akin to playing Russian roulette with you’re health

Trust me I prefer gear just tough nowadays

Then why use these designer compounds? I don’t buy you can’t find them… If 14y/old kids can find and use this stuff, so can you

I agree man, thing with PH is I know what’s in it cause it is marketed, whether safe or not is another story. I mean of course I have researched and read reviews and testimonies on PHs some people rave about them and some dont I’ve heard horror stories about fake gear and how dangerous plus I don’t want to waste a ton of money possibly buying bunk stuff

Actually there was/is no FDA regulation pertaining to PH marketing (or supplements in general)

I’ll find it tommorow, but there’s one study showcasing a fair portion of the time these PH’s swap out one designer steroid with another.

Don’t know if I can say this but I was looking at hi tech pharmaceuticals 1 andro or the anavar brand

Is it cool if I email ya sometime?

Yes, but I’m not giving out drug advice and/or telling you where to acquire anabolics

I can talk about the way different drugs interact within the human body, mechanisms of action though

Not an expert though, just a kid who likes reading about things

Ok no problem

What’s your question?

I was asking if they really work

Yeah they work

I was wondering because I know the real strong ones were banned. So I was looking into Hi Tech pharmaceuticals epi or 1 andro any thoughts? I appreciate it

Those are not even prohormones. Those are just expensive snake oil. You can do better with your money.

Can ya give me some advice please? If I went with prohormones what’s the best? Or atleast better than most?

Why not go to a forum where people actually use prohormones regularly? How is that not blatantly obvious.