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Prohormone Help for Strength

Could someone please let me know some effective prohormones I could take to increase strength. Im 6’1, 190lbs, 23yrs old, 16% body fat. Lift weights 5 times a week and swim 6 times a week. I eat relatively well, just want to add some serious supplementation to my program. If you have a smartass comment, please keep it to yourself. If you do know of an effective prohormone I would really appreciate if you could also let me know where you suggest I get them. Thanks a lot.

If you live in the United States, then Halodrol-50 (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diol) is the only one available in a supplement store (not halodrol liquigels or halodrol XT they are worthless). If you have a reliable source on the internet for other prohormones, then there are many that will boost strength such as Superdrol and Pheraplex. I actually prefer Halodrol, because it doesn’t suppress my libido, or cause excessive water retention. Strength gains are good, but I find I must use at least 75mg+ per day in 3 divided doses to get any benefit. I weigh 240lb, I’m 35 and have been lifting 23 years and have taken almost every steroid out there, and I’ve used Halodrol at least a 8 times over the last 2 years. You can gain at least 5-10lbs of muscle from a cycle of halodrol-50 depending on your caloric intake and metabolism. The bodyweight gains are modest, but strength gains are very good and slow to disappear.

I attribute the strength gains to enhanced glycogen and modest water retention, which is evident by severe pumps and spasms that high doses (100mg+) cause. I don’t advise doses above 75mg for longer than 4 weeks without at least 2 months off. becuase it is methylated, tenderness in the liver region is not uncommon, as it is with any high dose oral steroid/prohormone cycle.

IMHO Halodrol is quite mild. Some like it but its not a strong choice. You caan find several clones of Superdrol and Pheraplex online if you do a search. My choice, if I were to go back to an oral DS/PH would be a SD Clone hands down. Unless you know of a source that can make M1T.

if you can get your hands on some ol’ otc tren that was always really good for strength, no joke.