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Prohormone de-legalization

If prohormones are made illegal how soon could this happen?

It’s currently referred to a sub-committee, specifically, the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

In my opinion, because it has been found that many prohormone users
have intent to pursue illegal anabolic steroids should legal prohormones be banned,
passage of this bill would divert tens of millions of dollars from American companies to drug dealers and cartels, and it has been determined that drug money goes to support terrorism.

This committee should be made aware of this unintended but predictable consequence of
passage of this bill.

It’s just not the appropriate time to schedule
these legal substances with a safe track record,
enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Americans,
when doing so will predictably result in increased financial resources for terrorists, to the extent of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

That certainly seems a reasonable enough statement and argument.

Oh: and if you kill a bill in committee, it’s dead.

1 critique. i tend to doubt that terrorists benefit signifcantly from steroid trade-- than they do from say the stock market or other drug trades like the poppy which grows in afganistan.

The Bush Administration has determined that “the War on Drugs is part of the War on Terror” and that illegal drug money, or
rather a significant fraction of it, goes to support terrorism.

This is a politics question. Argument such
as “we ought to be allowed to get our stuff because it has a safe track record and we have our rights” will get nowhere. Do you think politicians care about that, when those pushing the bill are saying it’s “for the children?” What is required is a counter-response on the same level, and one that does have a factual basis, such as what I gave above. You may not personally agree with all aspects of the analysis, but this is apolitical matter, not a scientific discussion.

I think the point about U.S companies losing ten of millions of dollars is a huge statement in itself. Our economy is in no situation for companies to be losing any more revenue then they already are.

Those who claim that illegal drug money goes to support terrorists make a perfect argument for legalization. Don’t want “drug money” going to terrorists?? Stop making the stuff illegal. Duh.

Yeah, this is a sad state of affairs. What would you guess is the chance of them being banned? 50/50


I agree with dman that any drug money going to terrorist comes mainly from cheewa, but our best bet to counter this bill would be to use the terrorist issue, that will hold a lot more weight that any scientific data presented.