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Prohormone Cycle


Hi all.

22 years old
11% BF

Lifting since 16

Just cut down to 195 from 225. I'm looking at doing a 4 week trenavar ph cycle. The reason being I don't want to do a 12 week test e cycle is because I'm taking 20 units at school and working 40 hours a week and I'm concerned I might not be able to give my gym effort 100% for 3 months. I'll be working only 15 hours a week for the next few weeks so I'm thinking for the next month I can hop on my first cycle and do a 4 weeks trenavar cycle. Also I used to have terrible acne and I'm concerned it will come back more so with a 12 week test e cycle.. My goals are to harden up and maybe gain a little size. My lifts are : bench 315x2, squat 365x6, dead 495x5
Has anyone done a 4 week ph cycle and if so what did you think ?

Also, I am concerned about hair-loss and I hear that it may be lessened on a 4 week cycle rather than a 12 week test e cycle. My mom's dad went bald in his 30's but my mom's brothers went bald in their 60's. I have a full head of hair and am being paranoid about losing it...


This isn't a PH vs Steroid post, but if you aren't willing to continue your efforts in the gym through the months after your cycle, how do you expect to keep your gains?


It contains milk thistle, a supplement designed to bolster the liver?

Bet it's bad for your liver. No alcohol for you.


Haha. I knew it would sound like that. I've been lifting since I was 16, so six years, aside from the occasional deload weeks every 8-10 weeks and the vacations, I don't miss my workouts. I've gone 4 or 5 days depending on my split since I began lifting. So maybe I came off wrong on what I said. I just mean I'm not comfortable doing a 12 week injecting cycle. For various reasons... It's not like I'm going to stop when I am done and hope it's a miracle and I keep my gains.


Another reason why I would do a shorter cycle. I love lifting, but I am in college and also enjoying going out and drinking occasionally. If I were to do a 4 week cycle along with a pct I feel as though it would be the perfect timeframe.