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Prohormone Cycle for Dummies



I have seen many postings on prohormones, whether you should take them or not take them. Well, we all know that if someone has it in their mind to take them, then they will. There is one major problem that I'm noticing...everytime someone posts a question about how to take their prohormone their questions really aren't answered or you get many different opinions on what to do.

Well, i would like for the experts out there to post a prohormone cycle for dummies. I think this would eliminate a lot of questions. Think of it like a manual that someone could go to if they had questions. I would like to see a detailed description of a cycle from start to finish as if you were on the cycle yourself. I want to see everything from the actual prohormone to the estrogen blockers, liver supplements, PCT's and the dosages. Is that too much to ask?

I'm tired of seeing people come on here complaining about having gyno. Maybe some of this could be avoided if there was better information out there about how to cycle prohormones the correct way.


Yes, prohormones are for dummies. How keen of you to notice.


How about reading the prohormones sticky..