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Prohormone Banned by Brits

It’s true. The brits have banned all prohormones that convert to nandrolone in the body. We cannot let this happen in the states. I suggest immediately writing your representatives and informing them the government has no business whatsoever telling you what substances you can and cannot ingest; it’s your body and if some pencil-necked, crowd-pleasing politician doesn’t like that, he can go f*** himself. You might also bring up the fact that aspirin, iron, pizzas, beer and other OTC drugs/supplements/foods actually KILL people every year, while nandrolone precursors are not linked to a single death or even an ill effect such as a headache (!).


I’m a Brit and I’ve not heard this. Furthermore I just 'phoned a good friend of mine who is the manager of one of the two biggest bodybuilding stores in London. He’s usually pretty clued up about what’s going on and he’s not heard this story either.

Where did you get your information please?

P.S. I conpletely agree with your sentiments. I think that the MCA (UK version of the FDA) would make baby’s milk prescription-only if they could.

Oh Sh*t!! You’re right - I’ve found a reference to the news story on the web.

What next - Grow???

Europe is far worse than the U.S., I think, by virtue of the fact that we have the Dietary Supplements Act, which so far has done a fair job of screwing the FDA. Plus in Europe you have a huge anti-science/GMO undercurrent.

You probably don’t have much longer to go before all precursors to testosterone (4-AD included) are banned too. I know you guys have a (nearly dead) libertarian party. You might want to check that out. Good luck!

You’re right about Europe being far worse than the US, except in one very important respect - I’m allowed to possess “personal use” quantities of gear with risk of being chucked into jail!.

This has been said before, but all that this sort of thing achieves is to drive the use of such substances underground. Brits will still be able to import “personal use” quantities of Nandrosol from the US (although probably not directly from Biotest, who have a reputation to protect - although why anyone should care beats me, and Performance Foods (the UK importer for Biotest) wouldn’t be put out because they couldn’t sell the stuff anyway).

Rant over. I’ll stick to Deca, which is readily available anyway, at UKP 5 (around 8 dollars) a shot!

I’ve been trying to find out exactly which chemicals are being banned, so I’ve been trying to call the MCA. The guy dealing with this is David Carter (020 7273 0613) at the MCA but his phones always engaged. If anyone can find out what’s going on then keep us updated.