Prohormone Ban

I’m confused at this prohormone ban… Does anyone know where I could go and find the latest news about it? Or why is Superdrol (if superdrol is a prohormone) still available, but MAG-10 is banned?


Because it is fairly new, and therefore it is not on the list of class III controlled substances… yet.

In oversimplified terms pro-hormones are chemistry building blocks found in AAS which the body converts. The wording in the ban specifically bans those building blocks by “name”. My understanding (again, over simplified)of superdrol is that the “building blocks” being used to make it are not named specifically in the ban, therefore making it “legal”.

I read it somewhere, I’ll see if I can dredge it back up.

I understand Superdrol has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but it appears that some web sites still have it for sale.