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Prohormone Ban

It almost seems inevitable that the prohormone ban is near - especially with all recent events that have been going on. Is everyone else planning to stock up on Mag-10 and such in preparation?

Also, what’s Biotest’s take on this? Is there anything that they can do or contribute to help stop this bill from passing?

Any feedback is appreciated.

I read somewhere on t-mag that they have hired lobbyists and give a lot of money to organzations to fight the ban. Maybe the End of Dietary Supplements interview with that steroid lawyer guy said this.

Maybe stock up on something less expensive than Mag-10.

Even still, I think the push with all the negative press surrounding the tampered batches of protein powders causing a football player to test positive for nandrolone (which wasn’t the first time) and Victor Conte with his THG “scandal,” I think the inevitable is definitely near.

Let’s all hope that the lobbyists and other organizations can help pull through with this.

If not, let’s at least hope that the new 4-AD-EC will be out and available for purchase before the ban is enforced. :wink:

Nice slam, Cuda, but can you name a less expensive alternative? Something with similar ingredients that will give you the same results?

Plus, most everyone agrees (including those who may not normally buy Biotest supplements) that Mag-10 is awesome for LBM gains.

And Jeff, you’re pretty late in the game, as this has been pending for a long time, but it still wouldn’t hurt to contact your representatives and be heard.

And yes, Biotest has been active in battling this asinine legislation.

Dermabolics S1+

Actually, where I work we’ve been passing out letters to send to state representatives to help stop regulation of the supplement industry. I myself have contributed as well.

I’ve been following this for a while. It’s just that it seems like we’re not being heard here, and that concerns me. As if no matter how many people notify their representatives we’re not going to have our voices addressed.

I don’t know. I suppose what I’m really looking for is someone to give me some light of hope.

Hopefully, the supplement industry can unite and put all their resources together to fight this. The last thing I wanna be told is I can’t buy protein powder cause it’ll damage my kidneys.

well, I contacted my reps. they don’t care. In the “cutting our losses” dept., protien powder has way too many food industry applications to go illegal, and the current bill only regulates specific hormones. It includes, however, A-1E and 4-AD and all the esters and ethers of them. fuck, I liked mag-10.

You should stock up. Prohormones are being made into steroids as part of the hype. The tainted protein powder is a foot in the door. To justify their existence and get a bigger budget, the FDA will analyze the other protein powders for 19-Nor. They may or may not find any, but they now can push the manufacturers around for other things. This law also gives the FDA the power to investigate any complaint about supplement side effects. Enough Vitamin C will give anyone diarrhea. Some fool takes the whole bottle and complains. You know what happens next.

Mike it was not supposed to be a slam. I just can’t afford to stock up on Mag-10. And yes I am taking a few thimgs cheaper and have worked a little better for me and can cycle a little longer than Mag-10. I do think MAg-10 is a good product though.

gnc already has a product in a protein powder which contains 4-ad-ec its called andro nitrate3 fuel and tesdren-adp patches have it too. so its already being done.

Oops, my bad, Cuda!

(I was kinda feeling like a bitch last night, anyway :slight_smile: )

Mike its cool. I just don’t have any extra cash at the moment.do to building a house. Its cool Dude.

(knowing it is the end of the month…if ya know what I meen)…lol