Prohormone Ban/New Alternatives?

Hi Guys,
Normally Id be up on all the newest supplements, but since Ive been unable to train for over a year with medical issues Ive been out of the loop. Just depresses me to keep up with the new supps out there but not being able to train!

Anyways, a question for those who have kept up since I get numerous inquiries about what supplements to buy from groups I train.

The most uestions lately have been about NO stuff and supposedly 4-AD (advanced muscle science-advanced muscle stack type products). I thought from what I knew that 4-AD was banned and it was probably garbage, along with the NO from what little Ive read on it. Last year I know plenty of people who blew up on Superdrol and Haladrol, but they are illegal now? And were pretty harsh to begin with.

I normally suggest the following list of options for those who ask, but let them know I claim to be no expert or wanna be guru. Please comment on the suggestions, and if I missed anything, or there are some new prohormone or test boosting products worth suggesting:

-Multi Vit/Min w/meals
-Anti-Oxidants w/meals
-EFAs throughout day
-Mega dose BCAAs, especially during/post workout.
-Post workout simple carbs/whey protein/BCAA
-Glutamine, but I tell them Ive heard those who love it and others who say it doesnt get passed the gut, but Ive taken it at times and liked it
-ZMA bedtime

I tell them if they have their foundational bases covered with diet and supps, they might want to try Carbolin 19/Forskohlii, and Beta Alanine/Carnosine. If they want to feel a kick try Spike.

Anything Im missing? Any new SD/HD type products flying under the radar?

Apparently, methly masterdrol is the same thing as the now banned masterdrol.