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Prohormone Argument...

After weeks of arguing with a friend about pro hormones, I figured I’d come to the experts to clarify a few things, and acquire some more knowledge.

The first question I have pertains to the make up of halodrol 50 and halodrol liquid gels. My friend (avid pro hormone enthusiast) believes the two supplements to be the same, and thinks their company just rearranged the ingredients on the back. From what I can tell, he’s dead wrong. What are your thoughts?

We have also butted heads about the difference between legitimately researched and tested prohormones and legit gear. He argues that the research ph’s like epistane, aren’t any worse on you than legit gear. Now being that I’ve never used legit gear I had no rebuttal. Opinions?

Real steroids are safer than pro hormones.

The original halodrol-50 was a designer steroid that contained madol and a compound very similar to oral turinabol. Halodrol liquid gels are not the same as the original halodrol-50.

PH vs AAS is like hamburger vs Steak

[quote]saps wrote:
PH vs AAS is like hamburger vs Steak[/quote]

bacon double cheese?

Are we talking hamburger vs steak as this analogy applies to results? Because safety was the argument. Mostly the illegality of aas has kept us away from them.

There is a higher chance for disease to be spread through ground beef than through steak. Does that work for you?

Ok, thanks for the help guys. I know you all hate PH threads.

I’m not sure, but hasn’t most of the research into PHs been done after 2004 when they were banned? And I think that research was only done to justify the ban. Contrast that with decades of research on AAS for performance enhancement and medical applications.

Ah now I’m craving beef… good thing I have some extra lean steak mince in the fridge =p

too bad there’s not a PH forum where this could be posted (smirk)

The ignorance on the “prohormone” subject, on this site amazes me. Prohormones-- are crap. No debate there. Even the better ones metabolize at a rate close to 20%. And then you get all the other junk the original compound can become in the body as well… through other processes. “So, once again-- prohormones-- are garbage.”

“Designer” STEROIDS on the other hand are golden. Epistane, Superdrol, Pheraplex(recently banned) are structurally, chemically, and legitimately steroids that are sold, over the counter. You are outrite stupid to argue that fact.

Grant it, researched steroids that have been around 50+ years obviously are more tried-and-true. I’m not going to say safe(anadrol), but at least you have more feedback and observation to go by. But with all the forums and information shared. I believe you can do your research and become educated in these new steroids(that are soon to be gone.)

Oh, and if youve never done some of the original superdrol compound… do yourself a favor. Beats dbol hands down IMHO.