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Progressively Overload w/ Alcohol


So my friend is turning 21 in a few weeks. I'm trying to design a training program leading up to her 21st so she can hold her alcohol like a keg. Right now she's been taking time off from the bottle to be a contributing member of society. Anyhow the main principle I figure is to use progressive overload. Please rate my training program for her:

Height: 5'2"
Weight: not gonna touch that haha... she's small though. ~18-22% bf% probably.

So my suggestion is looking like this. It is a peaking program to maximize alcohol consumption ability on the fifteenth day.

Day 1-3:
1 shot every 8 hours of rum
Day 3: between shots of rum, 2 large margaritas

Day 4-6:
1 shot every 6 hours of rum
Day 6: 2 large margaritas, 2 vodka shots between rum shots

Day 7-9:
1 shot every 6 hours of vodka
Day 9: 6 drinks between shots of vodka, user's pick

Day 10:

Day 11:
5 shots of vodka spread through day
1 whiskey and coke at user's choice

Day 12:
5 shots of ever clear spread through day
1 vodka and mixer of user's choice

Day 13:
5 shots of ever clear spread through day
2 vodka and mixer of user's choice
2 large margaritas

Day 14:

Day 15:
Competition... or birthday, more of both... haha

Please rate my program guys!


first...that is all



Her liver will hate her and you.
While drinking more often can increase tolerance, I'm not sure that can really happen over a 14 day period.
All you'll be doing is ensuring she's drunk for the two weeks previous to her birthday.
If she doesn't get burnt out on drinking, she's at least going to enjoy it less when her birthday rolls around.
I would say just let her get smashed on her 21st. I'm assuming that's what SHE wants to do anyway.

If this was a satire thread and I completely missed the point..apologies, but that's my input.


Well I think she wants to keep from being too sloppy, so she doesn't let me PIITB... oh and pics... I know how this works.


This is not funny and I do not condone it.

Really - I just think you want to get this "friend" of yours drunk so you can smash her the everyday of the fortnight leading up to her b-day. You're a mischievous perverted scumbag, aren't you?


I was going to spend some time writing why this idea is stupid, but whatever. Live and learn.


Ah... 21.... I remember when I could drink all day, every day, for weeks.

Fuck gettin old sucks.


Try the Bulgarian Method of drinking all day, they seem to be producing the top drinkers in the world.


Not sure about advice on a drinking plan (but yeah I agree it's dumb).

However you can take some steps that will allow her to drink more on the day of her birthday.

Get her to drink a few litres of water and have 2-3 large starchy meals during the day of her birthday prior to consuming alcohol. I'm guessing you're not going to start drinking until evening time.


I started a thread like this a while back but it was because my buddy was having a drinking competition with someone and there was no way I was going to stop him. If your not having a competition though I completely fail to see the point in this......

The point of drinking is to get drunk not to drink - drinking is not the end in and of itself but the means to an end(drunkeness). What is the point of making it harder to get there?


To impress her friends...DUH!


And here I thought that everything that could be overanalyzed, had been overanalyzed.


Welcome to the internet.


Guys I was really hoping for some constructive advice on my program design. Even if this peak doesn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, and she doesn't get green lighted on all of her chugs - I want to be able to build off this for anyone else I might coach for a drinking competition.




You want constructive criticism? Here it is: you're a fucking idiot. She's a tiny little girl who isn't 21 yet. Her tolerance is probably about the same as mine when I was two years old and I passed out and stopped breathing when I got my hands on some gasoline and chugged that shit to my face.

Her tolerance will NEVER be high enough to handle a heavy night of drinking without puking, crying, puking again, crying, getting lost downtown, etc etc. Or maybe you've never drank with a petite-sized woman before. And if it does get high enough to handle herself in the manner you expect her to after having drank for 8 straight hours, then she'll have turned into a total monster somewhere along the way. She'll be shitfaced by the time you get her a third shot of Liquid Cocaine, and this should be a good thing since it's probably going to be you buying half of her drinks in some misguided, abortive attempt to get in her pants and fuck her while her tongue is lolling out of her mouth and you're cramming gum and breath mints into her mouth to cover up the vile stench of the Sierra Nevada, whiskey and chicken burrito she hurled all over the porch while you fumbled for your keys after she fell over in the bar and got you and your whole crew thrown the fuck out.

Who the hell do you want her to turn into before her 21st? Ethel Merman? Judy Garland? Joan Crawford? Fuck, be glad that she has no tolerance and don't waste your fucking time trying to build it up. At best, if you succeed she'll be obliterated and start time-traveling after her fourth beer instead of her third.


I can't comment on the program design, as I was genetically gifted in this regard. I also used to use a good bit of assistance to smash previous personal bests.



Solid plan.


WAIT... so I should take advice from someone who's parents were dumb enough to leave gasoline out for their two year old? Sounds like they could have used some training in alcohol in order to increase decision making abilities during consumption.

Listen, I know some people who never "made it" like to think that just because of where they are that no one else can be better than them. The fact is some people are genetically gifted. I know tons of people who have trained for years, and have nothing on this girl. Genetics are
incredible, she's just somewhat detrained going into this training phase.