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Progressive ROM for the Overhead Press?


I guess many of you are familiar with progressive range of motion training by Paul Anderson.Basically it’s a cycle where you start by deadlifting with limited rom deadlifting,working your way down to full rom

Since the ohp starts from a dead stop too,do you think such method would have merrit in this lift?


Could be a workable idea if you’re doing scraping the rack presses many people on T-Nation seem to recommend. For strength, I could see them working if you pressed starting from the pins like CT has you do on his I, Bodybuilder program.


I’ve never tried it but I can imagine it might work pretty well if cycled into the mix intelligently (some of CT’s stuff includes doing partial ohps)…worth a go me thinks.


The way I’d program this is
Max effort day—>full rom overhead pressing variations,keeping the band tension limited for the most part if I was to the point I had started using bands
Repetition effort day—>Progressive rom,probably followed by a dumbbell press or something

P.S At the moment I make progress pressing full range,so I’ll keep it that way.I just have some time to kill and write some general training thoughts


Would OHP be your primary upper body pressing movement then? That’s the way I would do it if I were to utilize progressive ROM on that movement since it’s pretty damn hard to both press and bench hard several times a week.


Yeap.it would be the primary movement.I am a recreational lifter,so I can pick and focus on the press I preffer


I got an OHP PB while doing CT’s Power Look program.

One of the variations was pushing from the pins, from about forehead level. That is an excruciating exercise by the way. In fact, that whole program is full of painful variations.


I found that exercise extremely hard on my joints since I can handle a ton more weight from forehead level. I have done a double with 100kg/220lbs before but adding 10kg/22lbs to that put some really fucked pressure on my shoulder joints.


I have done this with seated chain suspended presses. Rack wasn’t tall enough for standing. It works well enough.