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Progressive Pull Day



Could you please recommend how to improve this protocol and WO? Thanks! M.

(This is what I did today)

-90 WO: 1,200 mg Alpha GPC
-45 WO: 2 Spike Tabs
-30 WO: 1 Scoop Power Drive
-15 WO: 20g BCAA's, quad espresso :slightly_smiling:

Peri WO: 2 Scoops Anaconda, at end of WO, 20g BCAA's
Immediately Post WO: 2 Scoops Surge Recovery, 1 Scoop Power Drive
1g Vit C, 400mg Vit E. 20g Glutamine.
+45 WO: P/F meal, (40g protein)

WO = Progressive Pull

Power Snatch from Floor

Med Snatch Grip High Pull (to chest level)

Clean grip low pull (to waist level)

Double overhand deadlift:
500x1 (probably 98% 1RM)

Basically it WO was just to ramp to the final 2 sets of DL. All reps were hook grip + chalk. Wasn't really a volume day. Total time 55 mins.
Happy to hear your critique!


It must be expensive taking 10 bottles of Alpha GPC every workout


1 capful is 900mg and there is the equivalent of 25 caps in a bottle.


I really like the set-up, BUT I would take the Power Drive AFTER the workout to promote neural recovery.


Can you get any muscle building effects from this workout or is just strictly for strength purposes?

I do something similar but using triples instead of singles


There will be some size gains no doubt. I personally feel that sets of 3 reps are better than singles to build size, but it's all about accumulating mechanical loading. You can gain a lot of size with singles, but the amount of sets performed as to be adjusted upwards.


Mut, do you work with a coach on the lifts or are you self-taught? Because it sounds like you've got some good strength levels and you should be snatching more than what you're doing. Other than that, this is a neat little workout.

BTW - If I drank an espresso 30 minutes after taking Spike I think my heart would explode, and I consider myself to be quite the caffeine junkie.



I take Power Drive before and after not sure if that makes any difference.


That day was just to get me to a max DL. When I do a progressive pull day normally it's with sets of 2 or 3 reps per set.

Actually don't want to gain any size (gasp!) I know, most want to get huge and such, I just want to get stronger without gaining size if it's possible. I think it is because since concentrating on just strength for the last year my close grip bench is +50, squat +60. Haven't concentrated on DL yet it just seems to be a product of everything else.


Mike - let's put it this way...If I were working with a coach, I would fire him! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, my snatch stinks. I just started doing the lift a little over a month ago. Should have seen me when I first started...a humbling experience. I am learning to be patient on the 2nd pull, not pulling too soon. Now I need to learn how to pull myself under the bar, not pulling too long on the 2nd pull. From what I can med snatch grip high pull to chest level I think with proper technique I could full snatch 250ish at current strength levels. According to Poliquin #'s apparently I should be able to snatch like 280-300. If I understand the lifts correctly what you can pull to your sternum from the ground you should be able to catch in the snatch and what you can pull to just above waist you should be able to clean to the shoulders. Trick is the getting under it.

I'm a work in progress...

RE: The caffeine - I have always been very tolerant. The espresso I drink is pretty strong stuff - homemade, Italian espresso pot on stove. I have 4 or 5 other methods I like for coffee too, a junkie to be sure. That workout was finished at 6pm and I slept like a baby so didn't affect me adversely.


Mut, I feel your pain. I agree that you probably have a 250 snatch in you that just needs to find its way out. Getting under the bar is a bit scary, especially if you don't have bumpers. But the fact that you're patient means you will win the battle. Keep posting. I can guarantee that whatever mistakes you're making I made as well. We're all a work in progress...



What does your training split look like?


It varies. Over the years I have learned to be very intuitive with body.

Since learning from Thib's methods, I have kicked into progress mode again even after 19 yrs of lifting experience, which was a pleasant surprise. Before learning about this site and being able to ask CT questions, I actually contemplated hanging up the heavy iron from lack of progress.

Now, I follow mostly a Push/Pull/Legs split. However, I will say that it is very subject to how I feel.

For example, last 7 days have looked like this:

Today - Lats
Yesterday - Push, started with one arm DB snatch to max, Push Press to max, close grip bench for speed sets of 3 reps (supersetted with rhomboids and rear delt exercises).
Day before - Jump squats with DB's to max, sets of 3, power snatch from floor to max.
Before - Push, started with OHP from pins, then standing military to max, incline press to max with wave loading 3-2-1, 2 waves (supersets with shoulder stabilizers).
Before - Neural Charge WO - med ball throws combo, plyo push up from bench, BW jump sq, hammer row for speed 3 reps.
Before - Overload Squats to 90% 3RM, Squats singles to max double on last set, calves (mostly for stretching)

I don't do any direct arm work because I find I just don't recover like I want to for the big lifts which is my entire focus, also my arms are big enough for me and I don't consider myself a bodybuilder, more of a weightlifter.


I was thinking the same thing Mike. This is a variant of the "Big Three" type workouts some of the old american OLers used to do...

ex snatch up to a heavy single or triple
snatch high pull
snatch pull

or press
push press

or clean
clean high pull
clean pull

I used to do this quite a bit, and his numbers are not far off mine, except the snatch. i was around 100-110kg in the power snatch at the time.


HT, I think I remember you posting one of these workouts. They seem effective.

BTW - Your avatar is mesmerizing.