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Progressive Insurance


Guy I would just like to let everyone know that Progressive auto insurance has done me right at every turn. I am not an employee of theirs nor do i get paid to say this. My only affiliation is as a customer. I pay every six months and my insurance rates are low as hell compared to my last insurance company. 2 months payments on my last insurance company is more then what i pay for 6 months coverage now.


That's spectacular. thanks for sharing.




I am just giving people the heads up. hahaha



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no shit...DISCOUNT!!!!!!


Next in line is that irritating, annoying Geiko gecko .




Generally, any company that has incredibly shit or annoying ads, I mark down as "never purchase anything from... ever".


Michael Jackson


Sweet, I just got motorcycle insurance through them. Good to know.


Same experience for me with Progressive. Bill keeps going down.


I have Government insurance(geico) and I tried to see if anyone was as inexpensive I checked them all out online and geico is still the least expensive


Anyone in California or Oregon should check out Wawanesa. I did some comparison shopping for car insurance and they, by far, had the lowest rates for great coverage. After my comparison shopping, I got a lot of phone calls from the other insurers who were making follow up calls to try to seal the deal. When I told them the coverage I was getting and at what cost, they'd pause for a few seconds before telling me that they couldn't compete with those prices. So far the only downsides are that they don't offer renters' insurance, only car, motorcycle, camper/RV and homeowners and they are kinda low-tech in that you have to apply with a mail-in application. I check their reviews online and the only bad reviews came from people who weren't insured with them.


The fucking wierd thing is they pay for all of that advertising and still give me a great rate. Had one claim 3 years ago and they came through.

Insured my first motorcycle with Progressive, they gave me a good deal. Probably go with them for the next one. I don't mind the crazy looking red head chick. Crazy pussy is the best pussy.


i use them for my bike but not for my car. take the motorcycle safety course if you havent already, they reduce your payment if you have proof of participation


I'd show her my rate, if ya know what I mean.


When I needed motorcycle insurance progressive and Geico were so high I laughed.... I had a 3600 dollar ninja 250 and they wanted 1100 and 1200 a year to insure me....

after 3 years I had better slam that thing into a wall and get my money back.... I went with farm bureau in missouri (480 a year) and dairy farmers insurance in alabama (580 a year)...

so ya, F Geico and Progressive....


I go with Progressive as well, no one's even remotely close to them for price.

As for Geico, my dad's been in the auto repair industry, and he told me once if they could afford it, every shop he's worked in would turn away Geico customers. The problem is there's too many people with it. He once described them as 'tighter than a frog's ass', apparently they're incredibly cheap with regards to paying out on claims.