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Progressive Income Tax?


I don't see how stealing from people is a-ok just because they can afford to have their wealth stolen. Someone explain.


I'm sure Headhunter will be happy to:)


The voting block that makeup up AMT is not large enough to make a difference and Republicans give lip service to cutting taxes and have done S about AMT.

AMT should be removed completely forever and until that happens all politicans are tax and spend.

I have not receive a tax cut while my local taxes increase 8% a year.


You have the possible options:

A) "Steal" from those who can afford it.
B) Reduce your operating costs.
C) Find independent revenue.
D) "Steal" from those who can't.

Choose whichever one you like, none of them are "right".


Well, how can anyone justify the entire tax system?

I would understand this: "The more you make the more you pay."

However, I will never understand this: "The more you make the higher percentage you pay."

IT'S A FREAKING CRIME! That's why I supported Forbes in the last Presidential election. And I will support any candidate who is serious about a flat tax.

Of course that candidate WILL be a republican as I don't believe that there is a modern democrat who has ever put the following words together in a sentence without denouncing them:

"Tax cut."

Honestly, all politicians make me sick-It's just that democrats make me sicker...




You guys act surprised at how taxes are painful and that they hurt the economy. Well, what do you think they were invented for?


Very well put Mr. Zeb

I get extremely pissed off whenever I hear Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, and all the other leftists refer to taxes as if they're entitled to a certain portion of my income.

If taxes are the cost of the governments business, then we need to DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of that business. Through that painfull process maybe we'll reestablish our countries priorities. Ya dig!?



If you cut taxes you won't be able to afford securing your borders or sending troops overseas for extended periods of time.

Make up your minds!!!


My sentiments exactly.


I thought our troops were stealing oil. We should not need to fund them. They should be funding us.


It's a matter of prioritizing. The government is simply too big. There are thousands of government jobs that can be cut. We start there and we don't stop until we bring this money- sucking monster under control!


Before I get berated too much, I'll remind folks that I have stated my desire for the elimination of income tax altogether.

I see direct income tax as percentage financial slavery. If we were taxed at 100% the government would basically own us and be forced to provide food and shelter to us, because we couldn't do so ourselves.

I'd rather see taxes on corporations or on consumption (they amount pretty much to the same thing). This gives people absolute control of all of their money, choosing to invest or spend as they see fit.

Yep, just another big government loving liberal, that's me.


FYI - The original plan was to use Iraq's oil proceeds to fund the reconstructions and decrease the price of oil (so sayeth the Wolfman) but the State Department discussed this will the oil companies and that plan got S canned.

And now gas is $2.50+ per gallon.



I am 100% for a flat tax and corporations paying their taxes.

Bershire Hathaway pays every cent they are suppose to and that holding company is very successful.

There really is no excuse to giving corporations tax cuts.


Not to criticize you (OK, it is criticism, but I've had similar ideas and like them in general.) but, doesn't that undremine the whole government/economic control system. Isn't this civil and economic incentive for less 'advanced' government and business structures like barter and feudalism?


Ho, ho! I want to see the posts that say THAT.


Well shit, do some searching... I've been saying the same thing for years. Rainjack isn't around much these days, but he and I discussed this a while back.


We already have these things. We also have plenty of people with undeclared income. What is your point?


Why don't you post a couple of these back here?