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Progressive family physician

I have a progressive family physisician that is willing to prescribe anabolics for health improvment reasons. He’s even considered using steriods himself but admits his lack of knowledge in the area of drugs to use, dosage, cycling and combating side effects. My background: 36 years old,
6’6" 255lbs. training for 18 years. Excellent health. My training has been inconsistant for the past 18 months. I’ve recently gotten back in the groove of training and wanted something to kick- start me into the summer months. I work in education so I don’t want a dosage that will appear obviously noticable. I don’t want to start a new school year weighting 300lbs. and sparking rumors if you know what I mean. I suspect low testosterone levels (mood, excitability, energy levels, weight loss, etc…). I would like a recomendation for a cycle that would push my testosterone levels up to a high-normal range. How long, drugs, dosage and drugs to combat side-effects. I suspect there are many men out there that will benefit from your replies. Thank you.

First, a blood test is called for. You and your doctor need to know where you are at now in terms of free testosterone and estrogen, before deciding what should be done to get you into a more optimal range, if you’re not there already.

Let’s say there the test reveals problems here.

Provided that you don’t have stomach upset
problems with it (most don’t) Arimidex is
the ideal drug for reducing estrogen if it is
high. If very high, 1/2 tab per day may be appropriate, but quite likely 1/2 tab every other day will be sufficient (it is sometimes
sufficient even when on a steroid cycle.)

You would want to monitor this with blood tests taken 2 weeks after any dosage change, and readjust dose until you get estrogen levels
that are in the lower, but not necessarily
extreme lower, part of the normal range. Don’t go below that range.

Once estrogen is where it should be – and perhaps it already is – now let’s consider testosterone. (If your estrogen was high, it could be that the antiaromatase treatment alone will get your testosterone levels back up.)

The ideal treatment I think is HCG, probably 500 IU per day but possibly as little as 250. Again, monitor blood levels of testosterone to see if the dose is correct, testing levels a week after a dose change.

If HCG does not work at even 1000 IU per day, then consider testosterone replacement therapy, probably about 200 mg/week, but again, monitored by blood tests, about 5 days after the second injection that is at a new dose.