Progressive Doctors

In this weeks “Reader Questions” column, Matt had mentioned that his doctor had no interest in providing him with blood tests that he had requested.
I have a certain disdain for the profession as a whole… sure there are alot of good doctors, but there are far too many that won’t admit when they are perplexed by an ailment and are willing to dig deeper, some just think they know better than the patient how they feel. Who the hell does he think he is to deny such a request by a patient. I’m not afraid of hospitals,but don’t go unless I’m gushing blood (actually I split my head open at the gym a few months back and was going to continue working out until my wife forceably dragged me in for 6 stitches).
Anyway… As I’m reaching 40 I decided it was time for a prostate check as well as getting a baseline reading of T levels. My wife’s Doc is a female. I don’t feel that I’m chauvanistic, but I do feel that female physicians (and engineers etc.) are more progressive than their male counterparts.They have to be to make it. She is more aware that women require hormonal supps as they age and may be open to the fact that the same is true for men. She was very helpful in ordering the blood work…and the digit check was a little easier coming from a female, lol.
Anyway, male docs might think…“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. and their female counterparts are more in tune with…“How are you feeling”.
Women are better listeners… so why not go and talk to one that has the credentials to do what you the patient wants.