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Progressive Distance

Anyone here ever do progressive distance training? I’m referring to taking a weight approx. 100lbs heavier than ur current 1-3 rep max and begin by doing 1/4 reps and progressively increasing the distance until ur back to doing a full rep but w/ MUCH more weight.

I’d like hear if anyone else is trying this.

I am in the begining stages of progressive distance training for the squat. My problem is that the program calls for you to start w/ 2 sets of 20-25 reps w/ 100 lbs over your max, and I can only get 2 sets of 6 at this point. So I am slowly working up to the 20’s.

Once I get to 20 then I will start the actual program increasing the ROM every 3 weeks. I am going to give this program a serious shot even if it takes me an entire year to get as low as possible.

A 100lb 1rep max increase is by anyone’s estimation a HUGE increase and w/out a doubt will result in significant muscle gain also. By S L O W L Y adding depth the risk of overtraining is drastically reduce due the precision allowed by the use of the Power Rack.