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Progressive Distance Training


Has anyone on this forum tried Progressive Distance training using a power rack like what Bud Jeffries advocates?

The theory of reducing the # of reps per set while increasing the distance beginning w/ approx. 100lbs MORE than ur current 1RM is fascinating to me and makes crystal clear sense in my opinion.

Any experiences or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Don't get lulled into a false sense of progress. For instance, say you do a partial military press using the top 1 inch ROM. Then for your next training session you use the same weight for 2 inches. Wow, you've made great progress! But what will probably happen is a couple inches down you'll hit a huge sticking point. The distance you lower the weight does NOT perfectly correlate with how much you can lift.

That said, pick a lift, toss 100 extra pounds on the bar, and slooowwwwly increase the ROM while keeping the reps up as long as possible. It'd be really cool to see what happens. And if it takes you a year to do a full ROM, that's still great progress.


Sounds interesting, 100 lbs. over your 1 RM is alot of weight to be fucking around with so if you do try it be careful and let us know how it works out.


^THAT is exactly why I'm talking about in relation to Bud Jeffries PROGRESSIVE DISTANCE TRAINING article. It's a VERY natural way to increase ur strenth/size. U nailed it bro when u said SLOOOWWWLY increase the ROM. Since I have about 4 holes on my rack from 1/4 squats to full range squats I'm gonna try dropping a hole every other month or so.

This seems SOOO natural, the perfect way to aggresively force ur body to a higher strength level. Since the body is gradually loaded w/ a weight it's already accustomed to it makes handling the extra 100lbs much more sensible.

Thanks for the replies bros!!!

Merry Xmas and to quote another poster....Have a Juicy New Year! < That is so fucking funny!!!