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Progression with 5/3/1


I read the article on it and more than likely will go for it after my meet in November.

Here's my Q: If I start at 90% of my 1RM, it'll take 4 cycles (~20 weeks) before I try a new 1RM PR. What's everyone's opinion on this? I'm going to assume people are gonna say "just stick it out and go for the higher RM's"

Is there an efficient way to cycle Max Effort exercises as well? (ie. not waiting 4 cycles to go from bench press to floor press)

(Currently doing WS4SB and am having good success/fun attempting a 1-3RM max every week)


Buy the E-Book, its all in there and its dirt cheap


If you are making good gains on WS4SB, why are you looking at another program?



and this:


Long story short, prioritising uni studies and 5/3/1 seems efficient.




I love that there's a huge 531 thread going on, and people still feel the need to post their own 531 threads. Like the answer they'd get in the big one wouldn't be good enough...


The answer is this: because you must train optimally not maximally.


I tried looking through the +800 posts, it takes time; kinda like looking through a textbook without an index. Thanks for the "constructive" criticism though.

Thanks mate, that's all I needed to hear.


I am finishing my third cycle and I have yet to get less than ten reps on any money set for legs, 9 on bench, and 6 on press (I started too heavy on these, IMO). I am hoping to keep this trend as the weights keep gradually increasing. If you want to pull 1 to 3 rep maxes every week, this isn't the program for you. It will, however, make you stronger if you follow it as its designed.


I feel the same way and have been getting similar results my first cycle back at it.

I find it to be more of a mental game then anything really. It's hard putting 80% on there, banging out the required reps and thinking "i can do so much more" but not doing more.

But that's just my take on it...


This is called "patience." It's one of the most important traits you need in your quest for strength (also the one I was missing), and IMO it's the best thing about this program.