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Progression on Yates Inspired Program

I’m doing a program similar to your Yates inspired program. My question is how do you recommend how to progress on each lift. Would it be similar to double progression even though it’s only one main set…so if you hit the upper end of the rep range you increase the following workout?

For example working up to 1 all out set of 6 to 8 reps and you complete 8+ reps do you increase the weight the following workout?
Thank you

Simplest way would be this: you have a rep range, let’s say 6 to 8. When you can do 9 reps, add weight the next session. I’m saying 9 reps because with the Yates philosophy you should go to failure (or beyond). If you fail at 8 I wouldn’t recommend adding weight right now. If you complete 8 and fail at 9 is where most would recommend adding weight but from experience it might exceed someone’s optimal rate of progression and you might hit the wall faster than you want. When you can complete 9 and fail at 10 is where you should add weight. I know it sounds weird to program 6-8 and add weight only when you fail at 10, but that’s how I would recommend it.


Fail at 4-5: too heavy, reduce the weight next time
Fail at 6-8: proper weight,stick to the same one at the next session
Fail at 9-10: ready to add weight (still recommend waiting until you fail at 10).

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If working up to 1 all out set of 4-6 reps to technical failure on a big lift, could you do planned progression?

Ex: Bench Press

Week 1 - final set at 265x6 reps at technical failure
Week 2 - 270x4
Week 3 - 270x5
Week 4 - 270x6
Week 5 - 275x4
Etc. Etc.

You cannot PLAN that as progression is not always linear. You could TRY it and see but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to continue that strategy very long—-assuming you don’t start with a much lower load.

Okay I was just wondering because I was basing that off of his power look program where he programs

Week 1 5x3
Week 2 5x4
Week 3 5x5
Week 4 5x6
All with same load. 80%

I had good results with it

I’m not saying I’m correct. Just speculating.
However, at 80% 1RM, I suspect you’d be fine. I don’t see that notation in your original question.

Yea I think I might try and see what happens just on the big lifts, the ones I dont take to true failure, just technical failure.

I run this split but do a strength loading for the first exercise eg 3rm ramp, cluster etc.

Yea I might try that

Is this also how you would suggest increasing weight in the best damn workout where do you do 4 to 6 reps with rest pause?

I’m debating on whether to do the Yates inspired program or the best damn strength program. My main goal is to get big but I do want to get strong in the main lift like bench Squat and deadlift.
Just don’t know if I can fit the 6 days per week into my schedule. Even though the more frequency is probably better than the Yates program which is 4 days a week. Anybody have any experience with either of these programs or any advice? Thanks.

… the one thing I was thinking about doing is the main lifts progression from the best damn strength workout into the Yates inspired program just for the first lift of the day and then follow the program for the rest of the workout.

Bench press- best damn strength progression
Incline- yates program 1x6-8 to failure
Fly- yates program
Barbell curl- yates program
Incline db curl- yates program

6 days on Best Damn will be better than 4. You could put the total weekly volume into 4 sessions instead of 6.

CT if you get a chance what would u recomend for me.
Thank u

I don’t know how I’d handle 6 days a week as far as recovery. My job is sometimes hard labor a few days a week 8 hours.
I think the Yates program fits me better.
I’m going to go with the best damn strength progression on Bench, Squat, Press, and Deadlift and then one set of 6-8 reps to failure on the rest of the workout similar to Yates and see what happens!

I know it’s not usually good to mix programs but this is kind of similar to Thibs size and strength template on his website.

That will be extremely low volume if you’re only doing 4 days per week. Let us know how it goes!

what does the yates inspired program look like ?


The principe is the same as best damn workout but i prefer best damn because of the big lift keep in the workout. Yates is really a pump/bodybuilding workout ! best damn is more like a Powerbuilding workout

but it’s a low stress program i kinda like that i will try it for sure my body will appreciate it !

I’m sticking to Yates program but adding my twist to it. Starting with the main lift as best damn STRENGTH progression then going from there with yates principles.