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Progression on the Stars and Stripes AVT1


I’ve been running the S&S for the past month and my hammer strength incline is progressing very slowly, if at all… I use 25s per side/per hop (starting with just a 25 per side), and have been working up to 125 per side on my last hop. I’ve been stuck at 2-3 reps on that last hop for the month… Should I just keep at it? Switch to smaller hops after a certain point? (Maybe after 100 lbs per side start adding 10s instead of 25s?). Or if you have any other tips or tricks for gauging progression with AVT1 I would love to hear them. Love the program and appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Nope. If you’ve been running it in a particular fashion and then change it up and “see” progress", that’s not progressive overload because you changed what you were doing. In order to see if adaptation is happening via progressive overload everything needs to be done the same way.

A month with very little movement isn’t a big deal man.