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Progression on Clean n Press/Jerk


Oi! I was wondering how do you guys add weight to the said lift.
I though about using the 5/3/1 on the clean n press but im not really sure how to start it!?

Any input?


choose clean and push-press instead


I meant more like, how to start it like

day A
sets of triple

day B
sets of double

day C
sets of 5 with pause at knees then explode.


Week 1 do 3's at light to medium weight (3-5 sets)
Week 2 do 2's at medium to medium heavy weight (5-7 sets)
Week 3 do 1's at heavy to max weight (5-8 sets)
Week 4 do 2's at light weight to deload (whatever you feel like, but not more than 3 sets)

This is only one way to do it, and there are many others. You could do 5's if you split up the lifts, but I wouldn't recommend it. Keep it to 3's or less.


so,if i understand what youre saying its

w1: 3-5sets of triple
w2: 5-7sets of double
w3: 5-8sets of singles
w4: 3sets of light double

so basically, its pretty much sets of 5 all the first 3 weeks.


You can certainly simplify it that way. The reason I give a range is so that if you're feeling saucy one day, then you can do more work, if feeling a bit rundown less work. Generally, I would err on the side of more work than less, but whatever!!


So i started with your guideline exept that i did;
Clean n press

ill be following the weekly guidelines but and ill had 5-10 pounds after revision on week 4.



I've used the Clean & Push Press as a sub for the strict press following 5/3/1 guidelines and it's worked very well. The 5 lb. monthly jumps are just enough of a challenge for both the clean and press aspect especially while I'm still working on improving my clean form.


clean n press are by far my favorite exercise!