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Progression on Best Damn Workout?

Hi coach.
I do really enjoy the ideas behind that routine and I have tried in the past some low volume-high frequency routines with great success (such as HST or DC).

I have Just some problems figuring out how you are supposed to progress: i get that you should strive ti add some weight or more reps to what you di your previous workout. But i don’t get:
-When to deload? Autoreguate or program
-how often to Change exercises.
-should parameters such as volume/intensity, Number of sets/reps, etc be kept the same “Forever?”
-what should you do When you stall?
-can i go back and forth from the best damn to the best damn 2?

  • or should i alternate these routines with different kinds of training?

I know that It looks like lots of question but i Simply don’t get the Grand scheme.
Thanks in advance