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Progression on a Twice-a-Day Routine


I do 3-4 heavy exercises in the morning and 3-4 lighter more eccentric movements in the evening.

What I have been doing is just trying to increase the weight on one set of one exercise in the AM every time I go into the gym.

Do you think this is enough stimulus for growth?

Like say this is Back day 1:
Glose grip pulldowns 220, 225, 220, 220, 220
BB row 185, 190, 185, 185
rope row 60, 70, 65, 60

Back day 2 would be:
Glose grip pulldowns 220, 225, 225, 220, 220
BB row 185, 190, 185, 185
rope row 60, 70, 65, 60

Back day 3:
Glose grip pulldowns 220, 225, 225, 220, 220
BB row 185, 190, 190, 185
rope row 60, 70, 65, 60


I couldn't even find what you changed for about 3 reads. Why pick one set in the middle to increase and then go back down again? More importantly, why are your pants a foot below your belly button?


I put it in the middle because that's how my intensity ramps up and then falls back down.

I don't sleep with a belt on and apparently that's how my pants looked when I woke up, which I was apparently not too happy about judging by the look on my face.

How would you go about progressing?

PS I also fixed my profile picture for you.


ha ha... oh nice. much better! You didn't mention how many reps you are doing, etc. Are you just picking a weight and going to failure every set? Lots of guys more knowledgable then me on here but since no one else has responded.... give me more info. Also, i don't think you need to be doing twice a days.


Im doing two a days til I go back to school cause I'm bored as hell. Gained about 4 lbs in 3 weeks back looks alot wider and my tris are thicker Ill throw up some pics when I can find good lighting.

Heres the program:

Tempo for AM: 20X (2 seconds eccentric, 0 rest, explode through concentric) 2 sec stretch on dips.
Tempo for PM: 422. (2 sec stretch on most movements)

Day1: Chest
Barbell bench press 5/5
Incline Dumbbell press 4/6
Dips 3/5

Machine Chest Press 3/12
Incline Dumbbell fly 3/15
Smith Incline press 3/12

Day2: Back
underhand close grip pulldowns 5/5
barbell row 4/6
Seated rope cable row or deadlift 4/8 or 3/5

1 arm DB row 3/12
Rear delt flies 3/15
Widegrip pulldowns 3/12

Day3: Legs
Front Squats 5/5
Leg curls 4/6
Leg press 2 minute sets

Narrow stance hell raise front squats 3/12
Lunges 3/15
Stiff leg Deadlift 3/12

Day 4: Shoulders
Military press 5/5
Arnold Press 4/6
If I feel like it push presses 3/5

lean away lateral raises 3/15
Machine shoulder presses 3/12
front raises 3/15

Day 5: Arms
Hammer curls 4/6
Hammer Strength Preachers 4/6
Dips 5/5
Overhead lockouts 4/6

DB curl 3/12
Cable curls 3/12
Close grip bench 3/12
Cable press downs 3/12

The big numbers are:
Bench 275x4
Front squat 275x5
Deadlift 405x3 (I stay away cause from DLs I never feel them where I need them)


I have always gone up in weight every set and don't do well on programs that use the same weight set after set. Making my first set the easiest and the last set the hardest. That way you can lift more on the last set. When you get to the target reps on the last set you bump the weight. And say you add 5 lbs and the next week you only get 3 with the new weight on the last set. Well then the next week you try to get 4 reps and keep the weight the same. Progress by reps till you get five then bump weight. I think you will progress faster this way.

Now when I said I always moved up in weight every set i was still relatively close to my top set. So say for bench i went up 10 lbs a set. More recently, In the last few months I have started ramping which i have learned from others here like CC which is the same thing but with much more dramatic jumps. This enabless you to use much heavier weights on your last set. Progress has been good since starting that.

Instead of gasing yourself out over 3 sets and then droping weight for two more sets, you could be saving up some energy and get more reps with more weight than you are using now on your heaviest set.

Also, try to progress all your exercises every session by at least a rep. Not just one. But seeing how you had it set up, i could see why progression was so hard.


I'll try out ramping through this next week and see how it goes.
I always figured that more reps with more weight = more damage = more adaptation/hypertrophy.

So a progression like that would be with a target weight of 275:

Wk1: 235, 245, 255, 265, 275 (get 5)
Wk2: 240, 250, 260, 270, 280


Thats a lot of volume on your chest/back days.


Well... like I said, I'd go with bigger jumps. At least 20 lbs, and then don't hold back at all on your last set. You'll be able to dig deap and get some extra reps. So if you can do 8 dont stop obviously. Then the progression depends on how you did. If you bearly got 5 lbs and it was really hard I'd only bump up the last set the next week. If you crush it then bump everything.

Please read this thread. It will explain everything and a lot of huge guys go through why they train that way. It's better to hear it from the source than a parrot.