Progression on 6 Weeks to Superhero

Looking forward to this program but just have one question. As in week 2-3 and week 4, reps and weight changes. As in week 4 you drop 2 reps but add 10-20lbs. Since you do each complex twice in a week, do you drop reps both times? For example :

Squat B complex on Monday you drop 2 reps and add 10-20 lbs
would you then drop 2 more reps and add 10-20 lbs again on thursday when you do squat for complex A or do the same reps and weight as on Monday since it is in the same week?

Thank You.

Would you then also in weeks 2-3 add reps both times during the week or just once and the second time doing the same complex in the same week do the same as the first?